Lahore Airport

Allama Iqbal International Airport (IATA: LHE, ICAO: OPLA) stands as a prominent aviation gateway in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, serving as a crucial hub for domestic and international air travel. This public airport, operated by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, is named after the renowned philosopher-poet, Allama Iqbal, and has been an integral part of the region’s air transportation network.

Located at an elevation of 698 feet (213 meters) above sea level, the airport is strategically positioned to cater to the needs of the city of Lahore and the surrounding areas. Allama Iqbal International Airport plays a pivotal role as a hub for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), contributing to the airline’s extensive network and facilitating seamless connectivity for travelers.

The airport boasts two runways, 18R/36L and 18L/36R, with 18L/36R being the longer of the two at 11,024 feet (3,360 meters), surfaced with concrete, while 18R/36L is 8,999 feet (2,743 meters) long and surfaced with asphalt. These runways ensure the efficient and safe operation of a diverse range of aircraft.

For travelers seeking information and updates, the airport provides a comprehensive website at This platform offers insights into the services, facilities, and other relevant details for a seamless travel experience.

Statistics from July 2021 to June 2022 highlight the airport’s significance, with a total of 3,695,960 passengers passing through its terminals. The airport recorded a notable increase in aircraft movements, totaling 29,172, representing a 58% rise. Additionally, the cargo-handling capabilities of Allama Iqbal International Airport are evident, as it managed 86,774 metric tons during the specified timeframe.

With its rich history, operational efficiency, and dedication to serving the needs of both passengers and cargo, Allama Iqbal International Airport continues to play a crucial role in enhancing connectivity, contributing to economic development, and maintaining Lahore’s status as a key aviation center in Pakistan.

These airlines operate from Lahore International Airport, providing domestic and international travel options.

  • Airblue Airblue
  • Emirates Emirates
  • IranAir IranAir
  • Pegasus Pegasus
  • TabanAir TabanAir
  • Air China Air China
  • Etihad Etihad
  • Jazeera Airways Jazeera Airways
  • Thai Air Thai Air
  • AirSial AirSial
  • Fly Baghdad Fly Baghdad
  • Kam Air Kam Air
  • Qatar Airways Qatar Airways
  • Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines
  • British Airlines British Airlines
  • FlyDubai FlyDubai
  • Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur
  • SalamAir SalamAir
  • Cham Wings Airline Cham Wings Airline
  • Fly Jinnah Fly Jinnah
  • Kuwait Airways Kuwait Airways
  • Saudia Saudia
  • China Southern Airlines China Southern Airlines
  • Flynas Flynas
  • Air Arabia Air Arabia
  • SereneAir SereneAir
  • Default Default
  • Gulf Air Gulf Air
  • Oman Air Oman Air
  • SriLankan Airlines SriLankan Airlines